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Las Vegas Family Photographer mom and son in snow
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Las Vegas Family Photography- Red rock - Brothers
Las Vegas Family Photographer snow mommy and son
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Las Vegas Family Photographer - Dad with daughter fire
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Las Vegas Family Photographer mommy and me desert
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Las Vegas Family Photography- Red rock
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Las Vegas Family Photographer mother and son
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Las Vegas Family Photographer - mom and two daughters
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Family Photographer: Las Vegas

I have years of experience capturing families and helping them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Capturing connections during my family photo sessions. I provide a stress-free experience with both good and bad humor. Your children will leave having fun, and you and your spouse will leave with an accomplished feeling of achievement.

I have a spot for families in my heart and know that family is not just people who share ancestors, but people and pets who make your family complete. When was the last time your family had a photo shoot?

Sessions start at $299; for more information take a look at pricing.

Why Picking the Right Las Vegas Family Photographer is Important

Your family is one of a kind, there is no one who has the same dynamics as your family. As the years go by, our families change. Your babies become children, children become adults. Your family will be different tomorrow than it was today.

Take the time today to capture your family with portraits that will last a lifetime, not just pictures on your phone.

Where Should you Capture your Family Portraits?

There are numerous exquisite locations around that make a stunning background for your annual family photographs. I recommend picking a spot that has a meaning to your family, something that shows a hobby that you share as a family. Maybe a place that will be a childhood memory for your children when they become adults?

Here are some of the popular locations for Las Vegas family photography. Photography is a Las Vegas thing, everyone is doing it.

How Does a Family Session work?

I will work with you, planning the perfect family photography session, allowing us to capture beautiful portraits of your family. Las Vegas has many beautiful locations that make the ideal background for your family portraits.

You know that not every family is the same, so as we plan your session, we will create something that is unique and fits your families personality. Your perfect family portrait may be a perfectly posed picture, or capturing your children laughing with each other, or hugging their grandmother.

I will work with your family on picking a location, what to wear, groupings, and the more flattering poses for everyone. My assistant is at every session they are fantastic at helping me capture the perfect moment for your family, but also great at keeping track of your kids, fixing flyaway hairs, checking buttons, and anything else you need.

When should you capture your family portrait?

Today! Before your baby is a high school senior. Do you want your last professional photographer encounter to be during your newborn photography session? Of course, not, you need a newborn photographer when your babies are little and a family photographer for family pictures. Senior portraits are a great time to capture a couple quick family photos, but the focus in on your high school senior.

You only have one family, and they are always changing and growing. Sometimes we grow in numbers, sometimes in height, sometimes in other ways. However, one thing is for sure, your children will never be this small again, you will never be this young, and tomorrow will bring change. The special moments that you enjoy today with your children will turn to different special moments tomorrow.

Your family portraits will outlast all those material items we cherish today. Don’t just hang meaningless pictures in your living room. Show off your fantastic family through framed portraits on the walls. Plus, you need the perfect image for your phone screen.

Your children will look back at these portraits, long after you, with a smile on their faces and memories to relive or share with their families. Just like when you look back through the pictures on your phone of your children from last week, last month, or the previous year to share with others or to remember what they looked like before.

When you are deciding on your perfect Las Vegas family photographer, pick someone that fits you, someone who knows what they are doing. Here is a list of what to look for when selecting a Las Vegas Family Photographer.

Do not worry about laugh wrinkles, those two (or twenty) extra pounds. Your children look at the joy in your eyes. They WANT you to be in their family photographs, not hidden away or excluded. You are their Mom (or dad); they LOVE you.

Ill create images that show personality, laughter, and some spunk. Not all family photographers in Las Vegas are the same. If you are ready to have me as your family photographer, or you are ready to book your photo session, contact me today (or fill out the form).

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