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10 Ways to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

(you can use this to find any photographer)

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You are starting, or are knee-deep, in the search for the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day. Perhaps you are a maid of honor looking for the bride or the mother of the bride looking for suggestions. Sometimes a groom is on the hunt for the perfect wedding photographer.

Either way, let me help you in your search for the perfect wedding photographer by giving you the top and best places to search for your wedding photographer, this works for finding an elopement photographer too.

I know that searching can be overwhelming. You are looking for the perfect photographer for your perfect wedding day: a photographer that meets your personality, style, budget, and overall photography desires for your dream day. You may find this person on the first website that you click. However, if you do not see your perfect wedding photographer right away, it’s okay. There are 100’s if not 1000’s of wedding photographers in and around you.

Not all photography lists are equal.

Top places to consider

  1. Google: Search on Google and look at the first few pages. Just Google Las Vegas Wedding Photographer (or the location of the wedding). Pick a few different websites to look through. Once you have found a couple of photographers you are interested in, google their business, read their reviews. Google Las Vegas Wedding Photographer (or the city of the wedding)

  2. Google Images: Use image search to find images at particular venues that you are considering or even to get ideas. If you find a specific image or photographer that speaks to you, reach out to them. Many times photographers are willing to travel for an additional cost.

  3. Instagram: This will provide you with a multitude of different images to look through and provide you with different styles of photography, different photographers, and many different images to look through. Use hashtags to find these photographers. #lasvegasphotographer #lasvegasweddings #lasvegasweddingphotographer #lasvegasweddingphotography

  4. Referrals: Ask your friends and family members who they recommend. What did they like about the person, what did they not like about their photographer?

  5. Vendors: Ask vendors that you have already decided to work with if they have any recommendations. (Specifically for wedding and elopement photography)

  6. Pinterest: It is the best spot for most brides to make their wedding board, so take a look around and find some wedding portraits that you are interested in, see if you can track down those images to the original photographer.

  7. Yelp: This is another major spot for brides, grooms, and couples to look for a wedding photographer. You can read reviews from previous clients.

  8. Wedding Wire: This website is a massive area for photographers to advertise their services. Maybe (if not most) photographers pay to appear on the first pages of the search results. As always, read the reviews on here, when you are searching. (Specifically for wedding and elopement photography)

  9. The Knot: Similar to Wedding Wire, it’s a place where many photographers pay to have their company listed. Know that the results list is due to advertisement dollars, not necessarily anything else. (Specifically for wedding and elopement photography)

  10. Facebook Groups: This is not as reliable as the others. Facebook users will provide you with many options for photographers. Some of them are professional, and others are hobbyists or people who are part-time photographers lacking many of the requirements to be a legitimate business. If you use the Facebook groups to ask for recommendations, make sure those photographers are professionals by checking their business pages, websites, and reviews.

Beautiful Las Vegas Photographs

Once you have found a few wedding photographers, you will need to narrow down your list to that one perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day.

Tips for Selecting your Photographer

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