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What should you wear for your photos? How should you style your hair? What makeup would be right for the weather, lighting, and background? If you have questions swirling through your head, here’s some photoshoot styling advice.

What to Wear

I'm often asked is, “What should I wear?”

The answer depends on the message you’re trying to convey through your photos. Photography has a variety of clientele: weddings, portraits, family photos, senior photos, individuals, boudoir, engagement portraits – just about anything goes. The wardrobe should match the tone of the photograph.

My clients who are working with me in Las Vegas receive professional styling and wardrobe consultation before the shoot. I recommend purchasing new clothing specifically for the photography session: something sexy, sleek, or stylish, depending on the look you want to achieve. Brand-new clothing will add something extra special to your photographs, giving them a touch of crisp, clean style. Clothing should be comfortable yet classy — nothing oversized or too casual, and something that fits your style and personality. You’re already investing in these memories by hiring a professional photographer, so why not make sure everything is flawless and invest in a picture-perfect wardrobe as well?

If you’re taking family or couples photos, it’s best not to try to match exactly. Instead, choose a color palette that can integrate throughout your wardrobe – something that coordinates without looking identical. Sessions in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas will also want to keep the climate in mind: dress comfortably and wear something that will keep you fresh in the desert heat. Or the climate where you are having your session is being held.

Finally, steer clear of busy patterns, bold stripes, words or phrases, neon colors, or super trending clothing. Keep in mind; you want the focus of the photos to be on the people and not the clothing.

Professional Stylists

Do you need a stylist for individual portraits and family portraits? While styling is entirely dependent on your comfort level, expectations, and goals, I do think professional stylists can offer a great deal of positive feedback to portrait session.

Stylists can give wardrobe suggestions, help with hairstyles, and apply makeup on the day of the session if desired.

While styling is entirely dependent on your comfort level, expectations, and goals,professional stylists can offer a great deal of positive feedback to session. Stylists can give wardrobe suggestions, help with hairstyles, and apply makeup.

Clients who book an individual portrait session will have a professional hair and makeup stylist available at no additional charge.

Photography stylists know how to style your hair and apply makeup that looks great on camera. Even if you’re confident in your abilities, you want to be sure your features stand out on film.

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Hair and Makeup

Just like your wardrobe choice, hair and makeup choices are something you should plan well in advance of your shoot. Play around with several options, have a plan ready, to help you look your best on picture day. As mentioned above, stylists know tips and tricks for making you look extra fabulous on camera.

For men, hair should be freshly cut, neatly groomed, and styled. I recommend that women consider wearing their hair down rather than pulled back. Flowing hairstyles provide more dramatic photographs than flat hair. Of course, if you’re shooting on location in the Las Vegas desert breeze, it might be necessary to have hair pinned back a bit to keep strands from blowing in your face during your session.

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Other Photoshoot Styling Considerations

As your photography session draws nearer, you may want to start making a list of items to bring with you. Bring extra hair product and makeup if you’re planning on doing your own styling (if you’re working with me or have hired a professional, they’ll have everything available for you). Infants and small children may need a change of clothes, so when you’re out shopping for those new outfits, consider buying duplicates for the smallest members of your group.Bring favorite toys, and bribes.

Paying attention to details can transform your portraits into amazing memories you’ll cherish forever. If you have questions along the way, reach out to your photographer. We’d be happy to answer your questions ahead of time to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of your session. When everything comes together in that perfect picture, it will be worth the effort.

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