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Prepping for your Session.


When picking the perfect spot for you photos, a spot with purpose is the best. Are you wanting a desert vibe, something in the mountains, a snow fight, or some images in the water? Do we want somewhere dirt free to keep the kids clean, or somewhere raw for your couples session?

Pick a place that you and the family will enjoy. If everyone is excited it will show in the images. Sometimes a little snow fight is the perfect spot, or a little sand is the best.

50 spots in Las Vegas for Photography



For adults. I strongly encourage you to wear something that you feel amazing in! Maybe it is something that is already in your close or maybe it is something that will be in your closet soon (time to shop). If you feel amazing, your confidence will radiate through the camera and into your images. Add some accessories to your outfit too. Maybe a watch, or some earrings, perhaps a necklace, or something special.

For kids the same goes, we want them to be comfortable. So, if you get them new cloths, make sure that they don’t pull, or tug, or itch, or irate, or scratch or… well you get it, right?

So then, what to wear?! Take a look at the styling guide I have for you.

Here are some other quick tips.

  1. Location practically, but you can always change shoes. :)
  2. Stick with your style.
  3. Solid color outfits look better than prints. Stay away from small prints, or really busy prints. However, I’d recommend that one person has a print (some rules are meant to be broken a little).
  4. A neutral base is a great place to start and build from there. Neutral are grays, blues, tans, pinks, creams, and jean then add a color or two.
  5. Leave some space in the areas that you do not want to show. Tummies, arm, and back are areas most people are a little self conscious of, loose (not oversized) fitting close are the best.
  6. Weather! No sweaters in the heat or tank tops in the snow.
  7. We are not going to a dance. Find a neutral to incorporate (jean is neutral, too), and tie everyone in together with two different colors.
  8. No neon colors, logos, or gym cloths.
  9. Shoes! Dirty shoes are not cute. Old shoes are not either.
  10. Please plan your outfits in advance and make sure they fit, and are comfortable and attractive. Leave them out the night before.
  11. Avoid foods that make your bloated 36 hours before your photos.
  12. Try out your outfits again just to make sure.
  13. Tell your kids about the session.
  14. No gum at the session.
  15. Leave phones in the car, phones in pockets are not cute.

Remember photographs are important.

For my personal family sessions, I start with my outfit and then coordinate the rest of the family. Let’s be honest, men have a much easier time with wardrobe and kids can wear anything and look adorable, right?

When dressing kids for sessions, keep these things in mind:

  1. Dress them at the session if they are younger. Remember to try on their cloths before at home.
  2. Make sure they have matching socks!
  3. Bring a backup outfit just in case.

Remember Pintrest can be your best-friend.

Also consider…

Are you okay sitting in your outfit, or carrying the kids? Are you okay with the kids getting their outfits dirty? Can you dance in your outfit, walk comfortably?

Hair, Make-up, Nails, Skin & Glasses

Hair: If you need a cut or color go and pamper yourself 4-6 days before our shoot.

Make-Up: A little blush and lip gloss never hurt. If you do your own make up, make sure your foundation matches your skin and is blended into your skin. Add a little extra, but not too much. However, you can always get your make up done by a professional. If you’re interested, I can add a professional hair and makeup girl to your session (extra cost).

Nails: Either paint all of your nails, or take the polish off of your nails. If you need a fill head over to the salon a couple days before. I wish I could do fills and polish in photoshop, but it is just not my thing. :) Also, clean out the dirt that builds up under little nails.

Skin: Eyebrows are best done a few days before your session. If you’re going for the first time, at least a week. I am happy to take care of small pimples, or small scrapes. However, anything that is temporary should be taken off before then (nightclub stamps, temporary tattoos, etc)

Glasses: Remember light reflect in glasses. Not all photographer know how to handle and pose for the correct. If you sometimes wear your glasses and sometimes don’t, then today is a great day to go with the contacts. If you have tinted lens, then we won’t be able to see your pretty eyes.


Full kids and spouses are happy. I recommend eating before you get dressed, and not in the car on the way over. Bring some snacks that will not stain cloths, or make a mess. Bring water, or another colorless drink for the kiddos, and something for yourself. You CAN bring bribery food for AFTER the shoot if you like.


Take time for yourself to get ready. Add extra time for your travels, and preparations. When we are rush we stress and that stress has a way of effecting the whole vibe. So relax and plan extra minutes everywhere you can in your day.

Don’t Forget

We have a photography session for a reason. There are people that you want to have captured. These are people that you want to be captured with right? So, be in the moment. Don’t worry about the end. You’ll love the photos, because who doesn’t love photos of their family? Remember that your family wants to see you in their photos just like you want to see them.

10 things to bring with you, just in case.

  1. Water, snacks (non-messy)
  2. A brush and hairspray to contain those flyaway hairs
  3. A way to put your hair up, if the wind starts
  4. Lipgloss or touchup make up
  5. A change of clothes
  6. Comfortable shoes ( walking shoes and camera shoes)
  7. A helper if you have little kids or pets
  8. Bribery times or make me smile items
  9. Lotion for dry skin
  10. Wet wipes for messes or a dry cloth for sweat.

Of course, if you're booking your session with me you can always text me (or call) if you have any questions.

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