We are your perfect maternity photographer

Finding the perfect maternity photographer is a must! You are only pregnant with this one for a small amount of time. You need to capture these special moments today!

Laura is a maternity photographer based out of Las Vegas. We would be honored to capture your glow, yes you have the glow. We are comprehensive, organized, and all about the details within our planning. We will plan together before, during and meet again after your portrait session. We want to include your spouse in your maternity portraits and any child(ren) that you currently have. Our goal is to capture the miracle, the beauty, the love that is here today, yesterday, tomorrow and forever between you and your bundle of joy. 


Important Things to know.

  • You have a beautiful glow
  • No you are not fat, your beautiful
  • Yes, I can make your arms more enhanced
  • Yes, you will be beautiful
  • Of course, you'll love these and you need these.

FAQ's (need to know things)

Q: When is the best time to take maternity portraits?

A: We recommend around 32-36 weeks. This will depend on how you feel, how big or small you are or feel, etc.

Q: We are looking for a newborn photographer. Do you have any deals?

A: Yes, we do. We can discuss these packages further with you at your pre-consultation or during your viewing session. In the meantime, take a look at our newborn portraits.



Our sessions are $299 and include...

  • The session (around 90 minutes +/-)
  • Professional Hair and Make Up
  • Use of one of our custom hand made gowns
  • Pre-Consultation
  • Inclusion of your spouse and children for a few images

Our packages are custom made for your needs. Our portrait packages compose prints and digitals. Please contact us so we can create a package that is specific for your needs. Our base price for package price is $400.

We are excited to hear from you, meet you, and capture your glow.

- Your Maternity Photographer

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