How to style your Las Vegas Family Session

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So, it is time to plan your family session. You have many things to plan for your stylish Las Vegas Family Photography session... Or your family session where ever you are... Some of the things to plan are as follows:

  1. You need to find the perfect photographer (blog later about this).
  2. The perfect outfits for the kids, and yourself and your husband and and and ... Right?
  3. You need a locations, your photographer should help you find one. I do for my client.
  4. A time and date that works for everyone involved (maybe a post later about this)?
  5. Oh, and if your thinking about it, hair and make-up its is a must!! 

So, lets tackle styling. If you are anything like me when you think styling, you like matching (and if you are not KUDDOS to you). However, I have evolved and changed and now matching outfits for family sessions is not like a Sadies Hawkins dances (hahah). It is finding the perfect colors that look amazing on your family. Once you do, the rest is simple.

  1. Stay with natural, warm, cool, tones. No one looks amazing in neon colors.
  2. Stay away from busy prints, something the compliments you, not distracts from you.
  3. If you love stripes, we want long stripes to look taller, not wide strips (left to right) to look wider.
  4. You can incorporate your color into your kiddos with dresses, jackets, scarfs, hair pieces, etc.
  5. Your hubby, well... he can wear a tie that pulls the color, or a pocket square.
  6. For yourself find some accessories!! A belt or necklace, the blouse can match, or maybe the print in your dress has some of the color. 

If nothing else, take a look on Pintrest to start. Or if you are my client, send me a message and we will put together the perfect outfit for you! 

Are you ready to book your Las Vegas Family Photography session? If so, we would love to work with you.