2018 Resolutions (or any year)

Here is a little helpful tip for your 2018 goals from your favorite Las Vegas Photographer...

Everyone is setting up their resolutions for next year. I am. Are you?

So, let's make ourselves successful this year. Let's achieve our goals. Do you need a little help setting up yours? This is what I did.

  1. I made my goal for the year (I have a business and personal goal)
  2. I mapped out my year, so that I would be able to meet my goal.
  3. What are you going to do to get this goal?
  4. I shared my goal with a another photographer/friend.
    1. I wanted to make sure it was something that was obtainable. 
    2. I wanted to see what their thoughts were on my plan. Was it something that can be done? 
  5. I got help. If you need assistance with your goal, then get it. 
  6. Start working on your goal today!
  7. List your struggles. How will you overcome them?
  8. If you are not successful today, try tomorrow. 

So, let me tell show you...

  1. Goal: to shoot 60 + photography sessions this year and build my portfolio with sessions that I LOVE
  2. I used my planner to map out themes for each month. Each month I plan on shooting 5 sessions that fit into this theme. So, January is "Women Glamor", February is "Engagement", March is "princess sessions" and so forth... I plan 
  3. I plan on doing model calls for each month to get my first 3, and if needed all 5. I am hopeful, that when people post their images from the first three sessions, I will get referrals to get the rest of my numbers. However, if I do not get the referrals, I WILL model call to get the other ones needed.
  4. I share with my fellow photographer friend, she helped me make some adjustments for themes, and we discussed where each theme would fit the best. 
  5. I bought the dresses for the princess sessions. I found a hair and make-up artist to work with for January's glamor.
  6. I started to find people for my session for January already. I am working on booking the session before the month has stated.
  7. Struggles, because let's be honest, they are real!
    1. Becoming busy and forgetting to putting things off to the side. (set a planning day or two for the next month)
    2. Making excuses (I did three families so I only need two "themed" sessions this month. (Not accepting my excuses)
    3. Planning to late in the month. (I am going to try to plan the month before and book the sessions for the first two week of the month)
    4. Traveling/ Family/ Work (Mapping out my month before it happens)
    5. Nothing finding enough people. (I'm going to talk to everyone, this is kinda hard for me)
  8. Always thinking of what else I can do. Writing things down, so I do not forget.

Comment below with your goals...

So, this is not the only way. This is not the right way. However, this is the WAY that I am going to MAKE 2018 great. Here is a sample for January, February, & March.

Las Vegas_Women_Glamor.JPG
Las Vegas_Princess_AirportJPG
Las Vegas_Engagement_Valley of Fire.jpg